Discover Fun Labor Day Activities in Arlington at Ashbury Plaza

What are you planning to do for Labor Day 2022? The Ashbury Plaza provides several Labor Day Activities in Arlington from dining, billiard games, getting pampered, and more. Check out the entertainment joint below. Stop by today to find fun Labor Day activities in Arlington at Ashbury Plaza:

Join Lovers of Billiard for Fun Labor Day Activities in Arlington at El Dos de Oros 

El Dos de Oros is a 24-hour pool hall. Here, you can meet several other people who love playing billiards and enjoy a good game. Whatever time you visit the hall, there are always people playing, which makes the games interesting. If you haven’t been to a pool hall, there is someone to guide you through the games. There are experts and novices and so many others, so you will never feel out of place if you are not a pro. 

Bring Your Friends to a Pool Hall and Enjoy Tequila 

El Dos de Oros offers more Labor Day 2022 Activities in Arlington besides the pool. You can enjoy tequila, beer, and several other drinks with friends. The fun bit is that you can step in any time of the day. It is a nice place to enjoy an intimate time. You can enjoy any of the hundreds of beer brands and craft beer options while enjoying a good game. Even better, you can be part of the competitions held at the hall during the holidays. 

Make Friendships in a Pool Hall

Whether you are looking to relax after a long work week or you want to sharpen your pool skills, the El Dos de Oros Pool Hall has you covered. You can request any of the players at the billiard to play against you or show you how to shoot different games. Visit the pool hall today and enjoy Labor Day 2022. 

The Ashbury Plaza offers several other activities to make your holiday more interesting. Visit us today and explore what we have to offer. Looking for more Labor Day activities in Arlington? Check out our directory today! 

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